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Producing Sick Puppies

I don't want to give too much away... but there is a fun element of working on things no one knows about... so here's a little glimpse. I can't say much other than... this music video for Sick Puppies is going to be great. We shot it on April 13 and that's about all I can say other than the band was great to work with, and the director @NathanCox really out did himself on this one. So look for the clues in this picture above... there are many... and get ready for one hell of a rock show when @SickPuppies comes to your town. photo credit: Keith Barber

May 20th Update: So here it is the video for Sick Puppies - Stick To Your Guns

First time we ever worked with backlights. Was a real blast, and as you can see the band went balls out when they put it into their mouth and spit it all over the place. Killer band who understand that you have to do some weird shit to make a cool video.


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