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Deconstructing the Boogeyman

In 1984, twelve-year-old Cory Reeder's world was shattered when a nightmarish premonition of his sister became a chilling reality. The brutal rape and murder of his sister, Judi, triggered a disturbing chain of events that would define Cory's future. As his family disintegrated amid grief, the capture of Judi's killer, and a tumultuous murder trial, Cory found himself spiraling into an abyss of heavy metal music, alcohol abuse, and self-mutilation.


Two decades in a wasteland of shattered dreams, relationships, and missed opportunities, Cory was forced to interact with the monster behind his sister's death: Shane Lynn Wagner. Fearful of Wagner's potential parole, Cory dedicated himself to expressing his emotional horror through impassioned letters and statements to corrections officials. Still, vengeance took its toll, pushing Cory to confront his personal demons.


Finding sobriety opened doors to love, marriage, and a renewed mindset. However, true freedom only came when Cory embraced the solution he feared most: forgiveness. In 2019, thirty-five years after Judi's tragic death, Cory met Shane Lynn Wagner face-to-face. Confronting his Boogeyman unexpectedly released Cory from his own prison of self-absorbed delusion, propelling him into a realm of newfound personal freedom.


Cory's memoir is an intense fusion of true crime, 80s culture, addiction, and emotional recovery. Every chapter builds upon the next, exposing and dismantling decades of pain and trauma. Cory's raw honesty is sure to draw readers in while inspiring them to consider their own path to freedom from self. 


To learn more about my memoir, or peruse my latests essays, poems and ideas please subscribe to my Substack: Hey Life, WTF?



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