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During a meditation I envisioned myself in a comfortable endless void. Though I tried to sit comfortably within the void, still, present and spiritual, I realized is that I was actually far from any of those things. I was consumed with the business of the day, the dreams of the future, and the cost of my past.

Then I realized I was not alone within the void. Behind me was a huge pile of everything I would and could ever want. Money, power, influence, toys, passion, knowledge, and more. Somehow I instinctively knew that if I dove into that pile of goodies nothing would make sense. Things would never change because, though I had access I wouldn't know how to use any of it. Like someone giving me a rocket ship, sure the adventure of visiting space sounds great, but how the fuck do you fly a rocket? What real good would it do for me? The answer: Nothing. So I left it all behind.

Free from the bondange of material things I reasoned that I must already have everything I need, so what to do next? That's when I felt a tap on the shoulder. There beside me stood the joyous being of my higher power. IT, handed me a message, pulled from the pile. A language I could not read, a message I could not understand, but yet I knew what it meant. When your higher power hands you things, it is because I will know what to do with it. Everything else that lay in that abandoned pile may be useful someday, or it may be garbage, it really doesn't matter.

The theme is nothing new. I've heard it throughout my life in churches, hippy circles, funerals, weddings, binge filled after parties, said one way or another: God only gives you what you can handle. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Don't be greedy. Puff-puff give. Service.

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