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Run under a pop-up tent on the sidewalk, just outside of Standings Butcher, this one-hit-wonder is a munchies must hit. I say one-hit-wonder because all they do is one simple burger. The choice you get is for one, two or three patties, thassit. No frills, each patty is cooked on a high temp flat top grill. The meat has a high-fat content so it gets a great crust. It's topped with cheese, a few pickles, chopped onions, and a mustard/ catsup spalt. The bun is good, not too bready and even has a bit of that cheap Mc D's white bread taste. I'd call this a Mickey D's Chee Plus. The flavor is great. It's high-quality meat, no fillers, and tastes fresh. It's nostalgic and elevated. The price point

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