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Dating pool or cesspool? They both Stink!
After being dumped by her long-term boyfriend, Ariel tries app dating for the very first time.

Smash or Pass is currently submitted to film festivals worldwide. We're excited about this festival run and hope our film brings laughter and awareness to audiences everywhere. If you're interested in the film or want it to screen at a festival near you, please email 


Writer/ Director Statement: 

After my divorce, I began app dating for the first time. I was confounded by how curated, disingenuous, and awkward it was connecting through technology. Every woman I dated had horror stories about men they’d met through apps. I imagined how much more difficult it must be for a woman with disabilities to date this way. On top of it all, a friend told me about disability devotees and BOOM, I was inspired! Immediately, I wrote Smash or Pass to encapsulate the whole experience. A hopeless romantic, I included in a dating mishap to showcase that mistakes can be made and can also be made up for.


Sometimes funny, sometimes cringe, always an adventure: Smash or Pass!

Awards, Nominations, and Official Selections

WIN - 2023 Easterseals Disability Challenge – Best Editor

WIN - 2023 Cinema Touching Disability - 3rd Place, Non-Doc Short

Nom - 2023 Easterseals Disability Challenge – Best Film, Cory Reeder, Val Harvy (producers)

Nom - 2023 Easterseals Disability Challenge – Best Director, Cory Reeder

Nom - 2023 Easterseals Disability Challenge – Best Actor, Joci Scott

Finalist - 2023 Focus on Ability Film Fest

Finalist - 2023 Screen It Int. Film Fest


Official Selection at:

Slamdance 2024 – Heartland Film Festival – Tacoma Film Festival – Focus on Ability

Indy Shorts Film Festival – Directors Circle Short Fest – Cinema Touching Disability

Feedback Film Festival – Canada Shorts Film Fest – Cambria Film Fest

Easterseals Disability Film Challenge

--- Cast and Crew Details ----

Cory Reeder writer/director/producer - ADHD/ Chronic Pain
IG - @cory_reeder
FB -
Twit - @CoryReeder

Val Harvey, Co-Producer / HMUIG: @mohawkmakeupFB

Joci Scott - Ariel, lead actress - Spinal Cord Injury
IG - @jociscott
Twitter - @jociscott15
Facebook -

Drew Timberlake Hill - Gabe, actor
IG - @dsmallmountain
FB -

Diana Elizabeth Jordan - Ginny, supporting actress - Cerebral Palsy
IG - @fromtheheartofdej
FB -
Twit - @fromtheheartofdej

Andrew Simmons, Devon, supporting actor
IG @dimpictures
FB @Andrew Simmons
Twit is @dimmytrejo

Atif Hashwi, Todd, supporting actor
Instagram: @hashwi
Twitter: @hashwi
Facebook: @hashwi


Andy Chinn, cinematographer
IG @andychinn

Joey Paul, sound recordist/mixer

IG @jp3p0



Nathan Cox, editor
IG: @karma235

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