F**K! I'm Stressed

Fucking, fuck, fuck. Work, family, traffic, writers block, tired, need coffee, fucking Trump! STOP - don't think, just stop. Take a deep breath in and hold it. HOLD IT. Let it out. DO IT AGAIN. Breathe in... deeply, and hold it. Think about the breath you're holding, the pressure building within your lungs waiting to escape. Let the breath go like a pressure valve easing tension through you body. Feel your shoulders drop, let them. One last time. Breathe in. It will all work out. Breathe out. Now, ease back to your day and if the tension builds again, don't forget to breathe. #meditation #survival #stress #work #life #escape #drama #relief #mindfulness #relaxation #body #mind

Burger Blog: Club 33

Burger Rating: 4.8 outta 5 This deserves a bit more than a standard Burger Blog review simply because of the location & circumstances. So here's a little backstory for ya. I grew up in Fullerton, just north of Anaheim, which means Disneyland was pretty much in my backyard. Needless to say, I spent a lot of time there with my friends in middle school and High School cause annual passes used to be affordable for people other than Scrooge McDuck. 'Round then, I'd never heard of Disney's Club 33 until after High School when everyone's day job seemed to be at "The D". That's when stories began to circulate there was a secret place where you could get drunk in Disneyland, thereby making it truly t

Visiting L.A.? Do's and Don'ts

There's plenty of paid adverts major corporations like Disney and Universal dish out to win your tourism dollar. But if you've only got one day, or five, and you're interested in some experiences that locals appreciate, here's my two cents. But in L.A. that two cents may cost you $10, so come prepared. (Note this is not a complete list, and is subject to change or suffer from businesses that come and go - so take my lead, but do your research) PS - I've done everything listed here, so it's all my personal experience or opinion. SEE GRIFFITH PARK - There's a lot of roads in them-there hills. If you feel like getting lost, just turn off your GPS or Apple Maps and wander around looking at the p

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