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Burger Blog: Berkshire House

"So what did you think?" asked my wife. Without skipping a beat I said, "Welp, now I know what disappointment tastes like." - Welcome to Berkshire House the new sports bar in our La Brea neighborhood.

Minus the lack of any sort of cordial greeting, or signage that says seat yourself, we helped ourselves to an open table. The decor is decent, the vibe turned out to be actually really nice for a sports bar. Ton's of TV's playing the Lakers, but NO blaring commentator chatter. Instead they had a cool mix of tunes just at the right volume. Points for that.

The menu is thirty pages, only two of which are food. The rest is mixed drinks, beers, wines, liqueurs and probably even the bar mixers. That was immediately a red flag for me, but WTF, it's in the neighborhood, and I love me a good burger so march on soldier. The service was quick and friendly. Another point.

I got the burger, medium rare. "Add bacon please?" I asked. STRIKE! Nope, they only have baco-bits for the brussel sprouts. GAG. "Does it come with fries?" "Chip's" she replied, and there were no alternatives. No fries, sweet potato, etc. Just plain potato chips. STRIKE!

Onto the food, strike three, and the agony of culinary defeat. The burger had a sort of negative taste. Rather than being flavorful, it sucked flavor from my mouth and replaced with... nothing. The bun was ok in it's fortitude and the salad condiments less than basic. I've had back yard burgers cooked by children that had a better flavor profile. There is literally nothing good I can say about the burger other than, it was served hot.

Game, set, match was the bagged caesar salad the wife and I split. Everything tasted like it came from a bag. The lettuce, croutons, dressing and rubbery, yet somehow crunchy parmesan flakes.

We won't be going back there anytime soon unless we wanna watch a game. Like I said, the vibe was on point. Good service, bar selection, and every seat has a good view of a TV. But if you get the munchies at half time, you'd be better off to have your food delivered than to have them microwave whatever has been sitting in the fridge.

Check it out for yourself, let me know what you think.

Berkshire House

143 N La Brea Ave

Los Angeles CA 90036


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