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Run under a pop-up tent on the sidewalk, just outside of Standings Butcher, this one-hit-wonder is a munchies must hit. I say one-hit-wonder because all they do is one simple burger. The choice you get is for one, two or three patties, thassit. 

No frills, each patty is cooked on a high temp flat top grill. The meat has a high-fat content so it gets a great crust. It's topped with cheese, a few pickles, chopped onions, and a mustard/ catsup spalt. The bun is good, not too bready and even has a bit of that cheap Mc D's white bread taste. I'd call this a Mickey D's Chee Plus.

The flavor is great. It's high-quality meat, no fillers, and tastes fresh. It's nostalgic and elevated. The price point isn't overly obnoxious either. 

Only open on the weekends. If you're near the corner of Melrose and La Brea, got a tinge of huger, then I suggest you give this place a try. 


7016 Melrose Ave. (at La Brea) Los Angeles, CA 90038

Sat & Sun 11am-3pm


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