Voyage LA: Meet Cory Reeder

A new article about me was just published in Voyage LA Magazine, enjoy! CLICK LINK: photo credit: Stephen Steelman

On Film Festivals - Part 2

On Film Festivals (part one) HOLY CRAP, there are a lot of film festivals. How do you pick? Which ones? How many? Let's get into it. It won't be easy because it's natural for us artists and creators to think everyone will like or benefit from seeing our work, but the truth is, everything is not for everyone. FACT: You will not get into the majority of festivals you submit to. When looking at all the potential festivals you could submit to ask yourself, why submit my film here? What this fest's purpose/ mission? What do you hope to gain from the festival? Your festival submission budget should be factored into your production budget. Film fest submission aggregators like FilmFreeway and Witho

Burger Blog: The Flats

Burger Rating: 3.25 outta 5 I was pretty damn excited to eat here. Head chef Paul Shoemaker, at his defunct Malibu establishment Savory, created The Wolfmother one of the best burgers I've ever had. My sense memory was so strong I instinctually started drooling walking through The Flats doors. PARKING: There is valet on weekends and some metered parking in the neighborhood. Both times I've been to The Flats I've found metered spots. The DECOR is what you'd expect from an L.A. gastropub. Lots of concrete, mural art and cool minimalistic lighting fixtures. Our server was charismatic, conversational, but not to the point of being annoying or intrusive. The MENU is simple focusing mostly on flat

On Film Festivals - Part 1

It feels like you've done the impossible. Gotten a script together for your short film. You've saved, raised, borrowed and begged for funding to produce your film. With the film in the can, there are still edit-bay freak-outs, issues with sound and color, work-arounds, killed darlings, and the constant thought of pick-ups to deal with. Yet through all that, you persevered and are confident the final product is going to blow people's minds. The last thing to do? Get into film festivals so the world can see the movie and contact you to tell you how amazing it is. There will be a bidding war for your talent between WME, CAA and ICM. Netflix, Sony and Universal will offer you, an unknown, a thre

Seeds, Sprouts, Trees: A Personal Growth Crisis

Let's assume that we're born into a world with some structure. A family unit to guide us. Schools to educate us. Every now and again life happens and we must deal with the repercussions or consequences of a world that we can't control. Once we graduate from that structure, leave home, and set out to conquer the world, youth and vigor are still there to provide fuel. Until, at some point that begins to slow, it's an unavoidable natural progression. Usually, it's complemented by the harsh reality that we really have no control over anything, whatsoever. The weight of the world finds our shoulders and settles in. What are we to do then? Where do we go? How will we survive, and often at the core

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